The Perfect Lashes Super Bonder makes the cyanoacrylate in the adhesive more flexible, allowing to be more durable and the bonding to last longer, without shock curing the adhesive.

After finishing the set, Super Bonder application blocks the glue fumes, providing more comfort to the clients eyes, can be a true life saver for more sensitive clients.

The clients can go to sauna, solarium, or swimming pool straight after the appointment, with no compromise.

How to use:

  1. After finishing the eyelash application, squeeze a drop on a micro brush with the pipette, and apply the super bonder onto the lashes, where the eyelash bond is, with care, thoroughly.

Don’t apply it onto the skin, and avoid it getting into the eyes.
Wait 2-3 mins after it dries before allowing the client to open their eyes.

2. Can be used as Speed Up Solution, applied onto the bottom of the lash strip (2-3mm) before application, with a micro brush.


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